Wooden Doors

Cold Storage: Wooden Doors vs. Fiberglass

Wooden doors are the first preference of many individuals and organizations. When it comes to cold storage doors, businesses that sell desserts, seafood and meat products, can find it difficult to choose the right door. This is because while they want maximum security, affordability is also a factor to consider.

Commercial Roll Up Door

Should You Get a Roll Up Door?

If you’re thinking about door options for your warehouse, let us stop you right there and give you the best option; roll-up doors! Why Roll Up Doors? Compared to various other options that you may have for your commercial warehouse, roll-up doors are not only much easier to clean, but they can be easily handled…

Emergency Exit

What You Need to Know to Make Your Business Safer

Establishing basic safety protocols on one’s property is standard business practice. Cameras, alarms, fire extinguishers and exits are critical to ensuring that any emergency can be brought under control. But another vital aspect of securing your property is the doors. Whether it is a robbery, a fire, or an earthquake, the safety of your customers,…

Commercial Roll Up Door

What Kind of Dock Bumper do You Need?

There is a variety of dock bumpers available online, but not all of them are ideal for every situation. Loading docks themselves are made in a variety of designs, and this determines the kind of bumpers that would be appropriate for a dock. This post will enlighten you to the diverse range of loading dock…

Qualities Of Hollow Metal Doors

Hollow metal doors are a type of swing doors which are mounted on either hinges or pivots. Custom made doors are often the full flush type and have continuously welded edges. Features such as glazed openings, louvers and recessed panels, if added, are built in during fabrication. At Austin Doors, we specialize in installing and…