Dock Seals and Shelters

Dock seals are designed to provide a physical seal and weather proof your dock area.  During unloading and loading from the dock, the dock seal provides an airtight seal between the back of the truck and the dock area to keep energy efficiency high and to keep out the elements.  We feature Nova brand dock seals and can expertly install and service them in San Diego County.

Dockboards & Dockplates

Steel dockboards are used with forklifts and provide a steel ramp for heavy-duty equipment while loading or unloading at your loading dock. They feature all welded steel construction and can have weight capacities up to 40,000 lbs.  We offer sales, installation and service for all kinds of dockboards including steel T dockboards which is held in place using 2 steel stress-proof pins to hold the steel dock board in place.   The Steel Dock Board TFL is similar but uses steel locking legs instead of steel pins.  The Speedy Board utilizes a T design but uses a ‘fix leg’ option.  This option allows your forklift driver to scoop up the board and put it into place and remove it later all from the safety of the forklift cage.  This option can be added to the TFL and T designs.  Please contact us for all the dockboard options as we have many to fit your individual needs.

Edge of Dock Levelers

These all-important dock accessories create a safer warehouse environment because they correct the height difference between your dock or loading area and the truck bed height. Dock levelers can have a height range of 5″ above or below the dock level.

mechanical edge of dock leveler

Warehouse Safety Products

We offer sales, installation and service for all types of warehouse safety products like Safety rails, protective barriers, rack guards, machine guards, post protectors, door track guards, forklift safety cages, bollards and more.  They all come in 6 standard colors, and custom colors by order.

Warehouse Loading Accessories

Our loading accessories include heavy-duty wheel chocks that will stay in place for years when installed properly.  Is your truck bed just a couple inches too low for good positioning on the loading dock?  we have wheel risers that can lift your truck up above the dock for a safer unloading/loading height.  Our smallest but mightiest loading accessory is our curb ramps with a non-slip surface  even in wet weather conditions with side-rails for safety.  This makes it easy to wheel smaller loads up and down curbs